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Whites Victims Of Modern Day Jim Crow

March 27, 2013

In a conversation with a friend earlier today, I said that white people in America, in a perverse way, are today suffering the similar dehumanizing atrocities that blacks were subjected to during Jim Crow sans police beatings and water hoses. My assertion probably just made the heads of liberals explode. But first let me say that my comments are not to be taken by what’s left of the Ku Klux Klan and/or white supremacists as offertory support to their evil practices.

My point is this. Whites are regularly called repulsive and vulgar names by blacks who do so with impunity. I recall to your minds Jehmu Greene’s verbal attack of Tucker Carlson with racial slurs that Fox News Channel has to date refused to hold Greene accountable for and for which Megyn Kelly, on whose show the incident took place, devoted approximately three seconds of left-handed, wink-wink disclaimer at the very end of her show. (Publisher’s note: The Daily Rant collected, and sent via email and certified mail, over 1,000 signatures demanding Fox hold Greene accountable. See http://newdailyrant.wpengine.com/sign-the-petition/)

Law enforcement officers have had special reporting practices put in place designed to record if white officers are arresting too many blacks.

The mainstream media refuse to even report on heinous crimes committed by blacks to the extent that they do the moment a white police officer is involved or an America who isn’t black. Unless, of course, the black is O.J. Simpson. Consider how the media covered George Zimmerman compared to how they covered the black thugs who murdered the foreign tourists in Miami.

White people are destroyed by the media if they dare make light of a black person, but blacks do same with impunity. Think of what happened to Don Imus when he made jokes about black female basketball players compared to what happened to Julianne Malveaux and the hate-filled death wish she voiced about Justice Clarence Thomas. Consider how blacks talked about George Bush and what they now say if a white person hints at disagreeing with Obama’s policies.

Whites fear loss of jobs and public ridicule if they speak out about the way certain blacks behave. Consider that the mayor of Philadelphia will use the tax dollars of whites if he follows through on his initial demands for an investigation into a white journalist daring to make legitimate and reasoned observations about the way whites are treated by blacks in Philadelphia. Can you imagine if a white mayor did same pursuant to a black journalist?

Standards are lowered, extra points are given, and unqualified persons are hired based solely on color of skin in order to meet quotas set by Obama’s Justice Department. I offer Eric Holder’s hiring edicts in Dayton, Ohio as evidence of same.

FAMSU160The Justice Department headed by a black attorney general who was appointed by a half-a-Kenyan fully Marxist Obama refuses to investigate any cases in which the victim is not black. Not only is that a matter of public record, but the proof of same is evidenced in Holder’s refusal to prosecute the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation (of whites) in Philadelphia. I guess voter intimidation of whites doesn’t rise to the same standard of condemnation that a white author trying to initiate a dialog on race does.

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that every point I have referenced is exactly what blacks experienced during Jim Crow. Loss of job for daring to speak out, denied the freedom to vote due to intimidation, denied employment in favor of unqualified whites, public ridicule, and threats to life and property if they spoke out.

Blacks like Sharpton, the New Black Panther Party, and the NAACP have no concern whatsoever of being prosecuted for slander and the public antagonism based on color of skin. They are permitted to falsely accuse whites without fear of reprisal. I would be remiss if I did not mention that this is sanctioned and encouraged by race-mongering, liberal whites who also encourage blacks to viciously attack and malign black conservatives — which in turn provides cover for the censorship of black conservative voices by liberal whites responsible for disseminating the news.

Sharpton, the NAACP, and the New Black Panther Party are permitted to cause the deaths, beatings, and property damage of whites with no fear of prosecution. They are allowed to incite riot and mayhem. They are allowed to raise money as a reward for the death of accused persons who are not black (Read George Zimmerman).

The media selectively censor voices of those who, like me, work and fight to expose this evil. Americans of good conscience must rise up together to combat this evil. Together we can end this modern day Jim Crow just as Americans of good conscience helped Dr. King end Jim Crow nearly 50 years ago.

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Mychal Massie

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Mychal Massie

Mychal S. Massie is an ordained minister who spent 13 years in full-time Christian Ministry. Today he serves as founder and Chairman of the Racial Policy Center (RPC), a think tank he officially founded in September 2015. RPC advocates for a colorblind society. He was founder and president of the non-profit “In His Name Ministries.” He is the former National Chairman of a conservative Capitol Hill think tank; and a former member of the think tank National Center for Public Policy Research. Read entire bio here

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